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Cityview III

Located on a steep slope in West Seattle directly adjacent to earlier designs from sba architecture, this project presented a multitude of design challenges. The building lot is triangular in plan and is flanked on two sides by busy streets and a public stairway connecting 30th avenue to Admiral Way. Although the southern façade is normally the desirable façade for day-lighting and energy conservation here the south façade faced a very noisy and busy intersection. Also, the views of downtown Seattle are in the northeast direction.

To lesson any issues with noise the decision was made to concentrate most of the glazing on the northeast façade taking full advantage of the views of Seattle and the eastern sunrise. The concentration of glazing to the northeast also utilized the existence of a very large Big Leaf Maple tree that buffers the neighboring home to the north and helps frames the view of Seattle.

Given the location, near a simi-industrial area of West Seattle, the exterior is skinned in a combination of currugated galganized panels, which produces a complimentary contrast to the very warm wood rain-screen siding.


West Seattle

March 2019

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