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Cityview II

The CVII residence is a unique design. The home is comprised of three, distinct, uses; the ‘public’ living wing, the ‘semi-public’ office wing, and the private bedroom level. An open courtyard “breezeway” separates the public wing from the office wing and the third story of three bedrooms ‘caps’ and connects the spaces together. The home is located in a semi-industrial neighborhood and the materials were chosen to reflect and embrace this situation. For example, the complex stair structure is made from no.2 or better standard ‘dimensional lumber’ with a protective coating of wax.

The kitchen counter is a centerpiece of the main level. It is located between the dining area and the living room and acts to tie the rooms together. It is made from a single 3” thick by 18’ long ‘slice’ of Mahogany. The front edge was left ‘live’ to contrast the straight line of the surrounding architecture and to remove any doubt that it is, in fact, a thin slice of tree. The warmth of the Mahogany next to the stainless-steel cabinet doors and cold rolled steel backsplash also make for a very rich combination of materials.


West Seattle

March 2006

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