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Fauntleroy II

Additions can be the most challenging of all the architectural design commissions; especially when adding to a very distinct and iconic architecture. The existing home was also a 1990's remodel of a much earlier brick rambler from the 50's. The challenge was to create master bedroom wing  located off the rear of the home that would not distract from the existing iconic form. The logical location of the master 'wing' was on second floor partially over the existing rear terrace. The location was quite, private, convenient, and offered views of the forest directly to the east. The intent of the design was to capture and incorporate the rear terrace as an extension of the master wing. The outdoor and indoor spaces flow together seamlessly when the large sliding door is opened and on warm, clear evenings it will be possible to roll the bed out on to the terrace and sleep under the stars if desired. 


West Seattle

March 2019

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